Hidden Hunger

It is widely known that inorganic farming is a significant causes to degrade the value of soil that rare all the types of crop, trees, plantation, and livestock on the stage to get their yield and nutrient definite food. Human, plan, animal and livestock are all the present suffering from this without showing specific signs of nutrient deficiency noted otherwise at later stage. farming community and their associates together with their amateur gardener are ignorant in the quality of crop and to realize the announcement of world health organisation.

As the time goes by symptoms of poor soil start to deface the plant and yield; that effects the quality of crop and in turn farmer or the producer has to sell his crop at low price. The nutrient deficiency in crop or plantation become major reason for many diseases in human being, animal. livestock, fishery as well as plants. The flowchart towards hidden hunger in below.

  • Poor Farming Practices
  • Poor Soil Fertility
  • Nutrient Deficiency Disorder
  • Hidden Hunger in Plants
  • Nutrient deficient Food
  • Hidden Hunger Syndrome