Human Health & Nutritious Food

How HIDDEN HUNGER depreciates the Plant Health, Human Health, as well as Livestock

Health ministries in all nations nowadays are struggling to bring only the healthy & nutritious products in the market for a common citizen. From the era of inorganic farming they have concluded that the crop yield and the products made to eat from have deficiency of nutrients.

The developed countries are facing a challenging problem of “over nutrition” With higher affluence, urbanization and fast moving life of people to see their economic growth more, their diet choice tilted towards the fast food phenomenon which is higher in energy for a short duration, more with saturated fat & alcoholic content. Such diets do not provide range of micro nutrients, fibrous substance & proteins required to maintain the resistance power of the human body.
The health risk factors & diseases associated with the above type of foods are:

hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, mellifluous, anemia and other disorders, with a figure of money required by the government to care their citizens.

Fordeveloping nations, the other side of this mirror is known
as “under nutrition eatables’;