Sustainable Environment

The”Environment” is a unique emphasized word nowadays that stores two major definitions; one about the old mother nature and the other human health and “Sustainable” adds an additional meaning to protect and care it for the people and future generations. The information has been promulgated on broad scale worldwide about the damage occurring or noticed already to the environment by inorganic conventional methods of farming. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have polluted the environment to a large extent and created a gap for an ordinary person to pick up the nutritious food.
Environmentalists all over the world are promoting the culture of “organic farming”while all the governments are acclaiming this. It is the only solution in agricultural industry so far noticed that can revive the environment. Unhealthy environment created by inorganic farming is the sole reason towards health cost difficult to maintain with the sufferings from its contaminated elements in many forms are unfavorable for farmer as well as common human being with great impact on weather. While ignoring the season seed & fruit, conventional farmer is setting his farming land as per his mindset and style to get the reap based on the use of Chemicals and Pesticides whose residue, evaporation, gripping factor, minute particles, stability element in the air as well as soil, tendency to bring fissure in oxygen molecules, fumes, storage & disposals etc. leaves a scissors effect on natural environment and thus untimely poor seasons characteristics seen by us and recorded by metallurgical department.
As a leading policy statement, HealthyCo will emanate the essence amongst common man “How to Sustain the Environment” in his training sessions, through leaflets, & other published material in bold and is passionate about the sensitivity of this subject