Whenever the nutrients drops into the deficiency threshold especially during flowering ,fruit setting and development stages that affect the fruit quality, size and vegetative growth of plants, also increased the chances of other fruit disorders.
As we know good quality attractive fruits, vegetables & grains is the ultimate dream of all growers, So that they can feel proud and fetch high price in the market.
But because of lack of technical skill among majority of growers, they are not able to produce high quality of fruits & vegetables that can compete in the International market.
Growers must know about all the techniques required during all the stages of development of plants like germination, vegetative, reproduction and fruit development. Especially during the phase from Anthesis to fruit ripening, plants require specific quantity of micro & macro nutrients, Phyto hormones that play a good role to produce good quality, more production and nutrient rich food.
By keeping all the technical points in mind R&D team of Karyon technology has developed a advanced organic fruiting formulation called BOFF.
Let’s Know About BOFF!!!
BOFF is an advanced formulation based on Karyon technology, developed to boost flowering, pollination, fruit setting, fruit development and fruit shining as well.
This product has been designed with special focus to increase the yield and quality of the farm produce. To promote flowering and increase in flowering to fruiting ratio is very important to achieve the higher yield. This has been achieved by plants through photosynthesis and getting required nutrients, vitamins and hormones from soil environment. However, application of quick absorbing nutrients, vitamins and hormonesat critical stages helps plants to boost more flowering and also their retention by reducing flower drop. It also helps plants to overcome stresses due to several biotic and abiotic factors that may be reasons for reduction in the yield and affectingthe quality of the produce. To increase the profitability, it is necessary for farmers to have quality produce that can fetch higher market price. The unique combination of amino acids, vitamins and other natural micronutrients in the BOFF helps to achieve desired quality of the final produce.
BOFF is the new chemistry and an organic blend of specific micro & macro nutrients from various plant sap of wild and cultivated species (contains naturally occurring hormones, enzymes, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, potash, other minerals &phyto-chemicals) with synergistic effect to boost flowering & fruit setting along with fruit development.


Natural source of calcium, Boron, phosphorus, potash & other nutrients.

Helps in better blooming and prevents premature flower drop.

The higher conversion ratio of a flower to fruit formation.

Helps in the development of fruits in uniform size and ripening.

Fruits, pods, and grains get the shiny appearance with an added value of nutrition.

It can be used in all crops.

Helps to fetch the higher market price.

Helps plant to develop resistance and fight against adverse climatic conditions.

Improves the keeping quality and shelf life of the produce.

Compatibility :

It is compatible with all types of agri-inputs but must be tested in the small quantity of water with other chemicals before bulk mixing.

Soil application :

In case of difficulties in the foliar spray, it can be applied through fertigation/drencing @ 2 litres/acre.

In horticulture crops :

2 – 4 foliar sprays at 15 to 20 days interval. Starting from flower initiation stage. In cereal 2 – 4 foliar sprays at 15 to 20 days interval. Starting from flower initiation stage. In cereal crops Rice, Wheat, Maize, Barley & oil seed crops 1st spray before flowering & 2nd spray  at milk formation Stage. In vegetable crops (bearing regular fruits) – Give foliar Spray at 7-10 days Interval.

Foliar :

3-5 ml per liter of water