Plants are the media to combine air with soil to produce biomass to run the natural energy cycle.

Roots play important role in this process, if roots are healthy ,it produces more cytokinins which is important for apical growth, inflorescence growth, nutrient mobilization in plants etc.

Beneficial microbes play important role in the interaction of soil and roots but they require suitable soil environment to do so.
By keeping in mind the relationship of soil, plant and microbes BOSS is produced. This organic wonder will play fantastic role to provide suitable environment in the Rhizosphere to develop healthy ecosystem in the root zone. Results will be marvellous when used along with other agri inputs provided by the growers.

Let’s Know About BOSS!!!
BOSS is an advanced formulation based on Karyon technology, suitable for all kinds of the crops such as cereals, pulses, cotton, tea-gardens, vegetable crops and fruit plants.

This product has been designed with a focus on effective utilization of rhizosphere ecosystem in soil environment. Soil organic matter has immense importance in maintaining soil fertility, soil quality, and agricultural sustainability and rhizosphere plays an important role in the regulation of soil environment. Application of excessive chemical fertilizers in conventional agricultural practices increased dependency of plants on external sources and also has limits in the increase in productivity. Rather it decreased soil fertility and imposed threat on environment. To overcome this problem it is necessary to exploit the intrinsic biological potential of rhizosphere processes for efficient mobilization and acquisition of soil nutrients by crops. Rhizosphere management has been proved to be an effective approach to increase nutrient use efficiency and crop productivity for sustainable agricultural production. The product BOSS, is rich in organic matter and macro & micro elements. Application of this product promotes plant-microbe interactions that influence the plant growth by providing nutrients and increases tolerance towards biotic and abiotic stress.

It helps to revive soil fertility and healthy plant growth, by inducing the macro & microbial activities in the soil & provide suitable environment for better seed germination and healthy root growth. It also enhances the efficient use of all nutrients provided through soil as well as foliar application to boost the vegetative growth of plant to produce more yield with high nutritional value.
Boss is a combination of various natural plant sap (rich in Natural Occurring Hormones, Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes & various Phyto chemicals), Natural macro & micro nutrients along with Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid & range of Amino Acids and also fortified with unique nutrient formulation.


Natural source of calcium, Boron, phosphorus, potash & other nutrients.

Helps in better blooming and prevents premature flower drop.

The higher conversion ratio of a flower to fruit formation.

Helps in the development of fruits in uniform size and ripening.

Fruits, pods, and grains get the shiny appearance with an added value of nutrition.

Helps to fetch the higher market price.

Helps plant to develop resistance and fight against adverse climatic conditions.

Improves the keeping quality and shelf life of the produce.

Compatibility :

It is compatible with all types of agri-inputs but must be tested in the small quantity of water with other chemicals before bulk mixing.

Soil application :

In case of difficulties in the foliar spray, it can be applied through fertigation/drencing @ 2 litres/acre.

In horticulture crops :

2 – 4 foliar sprays at 15 to 20 days interval. Starting from flower initiation stage. In cereal 2 – 4 foliar sprays at 15 to 20 days interval. Starting from flower initiation stage. In cereal crops Rice, Wheat, Maize, Barley & oil seed crops 1st spray before flowering & 2nd spray  at milk formation Stage. In vegetable crops (bearing regular fruits) – Give foliar Spray at 7-10 days Interval.

Foliar :

3-5 ml per liter of water