Kingpoly Start

Kingpoly Start is an updated organic advanced formulation to boost
uniform seed germination &healthy seedlings. Helps to protect the seeds & seedlings from various soil born pathogens.
Helps to provide adequate nutrition for healthy plant growth.

This latest formulation is a combination of various plant extracts as well as animal based protein.
Compatible with most agri-inputs.


Uniform & healthy seed germination.

Helps to protect seed from various soil born pathogens during germination & seedling development.

It provides additional nutrition to the plant during its early growth stage.

Healthy root development which helps to prevent soil erosion.

Compatibility :

It is compatible with all types of agri-inputs but must be tested in small quantity of water with other chemicals before bulk mixing.

Dosages :

Use 10-20 ml for 1 kg of seed (water or Kingpoly power can be added to dress the seed properly if required).