Kingpoly Sil

Kingpoly Sil is designed on the basis of new chemistry of bio-available silicon. Silicon is converted in to colloidal form through specific process to make it more available for the plant through roots as well as leaves.

This product after foliar spray spreads thoroughly on the surface of leaves , stems & shoots thus protect the plant from pest & fungal attack. This film also helps to prevent evapotranspiration of water from leaves thus can be used in drought conditions.


Strengthens and protects plants from the inside out.

Reduces the negative effects of excess Aluminium, Sodium and Manganese.

Decreases climate stress on crops.

Improves photosynthesis and raises brix in all plants.

Enhances reproduction by improving pollen fertility.

Helps to make plant more resistant against biotic & Abiotic.

Compatibility :

It is compatible with all types of agri-inputs but must be tested in small quantity of water with other chemicals before bulk mixing.

Dosages :

  1. 2ml-2.5ml per liter of water for foliar & soil application.
  2. Can be used with Kingpoly Power in the soil, with Kingpoly Grow & Kingpoly Bloom for foliar spray.